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At least it relieves me from boring paperwork

So I'm sitting in my office at this hospital. I don't really want to deal with the issue of the couple that is on level three who keeps trying to start a coup against the healers. Sky sent me this with a box of candies, so I guess we'll see what it's all about.

Your Name? Caleb Rane Stalither
Nicknames? Caleb
Where were you born? The place where I'm at now
Current Location? Where I was born
What level of Education have you completed? I graduated from Hogwarts, yep.
Are you going to further your education from there? Probably not. I mean, unless I decide to do something different.
Have any tattoos or piercing, and if so, what? No
Do you wear glasses or contacts? Only reading glasses
Do you dye your hair? No
Your eyes are the color...: Blue
Do you like your hair longer or shorter? Well, it's short - but maybe a little long for a guy.
Are you on the taller side, or the shorter side? A little tall, I guess.
What's your body type? Pretty average
The best accomplishment you've had to this point? Being co-director at Mungo's is something, I guess. I dunno, being in the Order is better I think. OH! Discovering the cure for Febriscruor. It... certainly came into good use.
The most daring thing you've ever done? Break into Azkaban when rescuing Xxani, probably. Or going into the Ministry when the DEs were taking over with Kingsley.
Your best and worst habits? Whenever my frustration gets to be too much, sometimes I sort of.. explode. That rarely happens though. Best one... seeing a job through?

This Or That

Glass Half Empty, or Half Full? Sometimes I forget to consume liquids.
Are you more funny or serious? More serious, I think.
Daring or Cautious? A little of both
Indoors or Outdoors? Indoors
High Maintenance or Plain Jane/Average Joe? Sort of average, but then again in the corporate field I'm in, I have to be pretty formal at times.
Walk or Drive? I tend to avoid things on wheels.
Football or Baseball? Well, I don't really know what these are.
Basketball or Hockey? I don't ever put balls in baskets, so I guess that other one.
Museum or Aquarium? Museum
A boat or an airplane? Airplanes terrify me, boats.
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Silver, Gold, or Platinum? Gold

My Favorite

Color? Red
Food? I like chicken most of the time. But I have to get accustomed to mostly anything, with all the business dinners.
Thing to Wear? Often I'm in a suit, or something similar.
Smell? I like cinnamon
Sound? The ocean sounds pretty nice.
Memory? That time I went out to a muggle bar with Jared and Xxani was pretty interesting. But I think it would have to be last Christmas at Sky's place.
Sport? Quidditch is all I really pay attention to.
Athlete? I don't really notice many.
Non-Alcoholic Drink? Lemonade
Alcoholic Drink? Firewhisky
Restaurant? Saucing Serpent
Place? Grimmauld Place, or Sky's place.
School Subject? Care of Magical Creatures and Charms
Season? Fall
Animal? I have a pet Snidget, which are pretty rare. He's great.

Your relationship potential...

Eye Color: Brown
Height: Average, works.
Weight: How much does Sky weigh?
Style? Someone who wears Mary Janes, yep.
Piercings? Nothing more than the ears
Body Type? Um...
Bad to the Bone, or Soulful Poet? Closer to the soulful poet
City or Country Style? Either, really.

Have You Ever?

Smoked? No
Drank? Naturally
Been so drunk you don't remember what happened? I've had fuzzy moments, but never forget everything.
Done Drugs? No
Stolen Anything? Not that I can remember
Gone Skydiving? I feel uncomfortable.
Gone Skinny Dipping? I'm skinny, so I guess I'd like to be dipped in chocolate. Never done it before, though.
Been in a fight? Yes
Gambled? Watched it happen, but just sort of sat there.
Made a snowman? Of course
Seen the Ocean? Well, yeah.
Been out of the country? Yes, a few times.
Kept a secret for a friend? Definitely
Lied to make a friend feel better? I'm sure I have.
Danced or Played in the Rain? No
Been on Stage? Not really
Been on t.v.? What is this thing and what do people do when they're on it? I'm.. concerned.
Been in the newspaper? Possibly
Met a celebrity? The corporate ones
Been fired? No
Visited your State Capital: I mean, I work in London.
Been in Love? Yes
Had your heart broken? Almost
Been in a car accident? (Yeah? Tell me about it!): I don't do things with wheels, remember?
Worn clothes your Mom wouldn't approve of? Not really
Made Love? So it's pretty cloudy outside.
Wanted to change something about yourself? Not really. Wait - my second toe is longer than the first one. I don't like that.
Been to an amusement park? No
Done something you regret? Mmhm...
Told Someone you hated them? I... actually don't think so.
Told Someone you love them? Yes
Skipped School or Work for a fun day? Sure

Would You? (Are you, do you?)

Get Married? Someday
Have kids? I'd like to
Dye your hair blue? Wha.. why? No.
Shave your head? I think not. I would like to enjoy my hair in case I ever do start balding. Let's not think about this, though.
Do something that really scares you? So, I do this on a regular basis..
Risk your life for someone else? Yes
Fly to the moon? I would probably get exhausted. And I don't think the broom would go that far, not really my field though. But if you find out, let me know.
Learn another language? I would like to, it would probably make things easier.


Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? Yes, actually. I practice on Thursdays from 3:14-3:29.
Do you have any regrets? Definitely
Are you going to tell what they are if you do? Um, no.
Do you like Thunderstorms? They're nice, yeah.
Do you think you could live without electricity? I... do already? Thankfully we don't have to deal with that in the hospital.
If you could have any career, what would you choose? I would like something that is a little more interesting. Mungo's is stable, which is good, but definitely gets boring.
What's the first thing you'd do with 1 million galleons? Try to exchange it, I guess, for galleons. But sometimes those bastard goblins give me it in sickles instead, and then when I'm not looking, sneak them out of my pockets. Fucking goblins.
How often do you shower? Daily
Do you like to take baths? No, not really.
Have you ever been on a slip n' slide? This sounds like something that is in the Insanity Ward. I don't... go there.
Been snowboarding? Skiing? Hm... no.
Do you own a cell phone? I don't quite understand this.
Who's the last person you talked to on the phone? I don't.. no thanks.
Who is your best friend? Pixie. And Jared.
Can you whistle? Yes
Can you snap your fingers? Yes
What are your biggest fears? Losing Sky
Can you handle spicy foods? Yeah, I like spicy foods.
Do you use body wash, or bar soap? Bar soap
Shave on a regular basis? They make solutions to deal with that issue, so no.
Can you ride a bike? Again, with the wheels. This thing has even fewer of them.
Can you rollerblade? ...Seriously
Ever been ice skating? When I was younger.. My grandpa would take me.
Afraid of heights? No
Can you hold your breath underwater without holding your nose? Can.. some people not?
Do you live in a house, apartment, trailer, car, box? Small house
Are you right-brained or left-brained? I'm a little concerned. We haven't even seen things like this at Mungo's.
Can you sing? Not well
Are you artistic? Not particularly, wish I was though.
Are you good at math? I'm all right.
Think you could rival Bill Nye? Some random person came into the hospital once singing some jingle about this individual. It made me dislike him, so I'd like to kick his ass.
Are you athletic? Sort of
Have you ever cried at work? Probably so, from all the stupidity that goes on.
Can you flare your nostrils? On instinct.
Can you wiggle your ears?

Almost Done

Is this survey too long? Yes, damnit. Someone's knocking on my door now. Whatever, I'm not here.
Do you think anyone will read the whole thing? I imagine Sky will.
Do you make your bed every day? Yes
What's something you always have with you? Wand, naturally. And a pocket watch of my grandfather's.
Have you ever bounced a check? What's a check? Who makes these things bounce? Not me.
How often do you brush your teeth? Twice daily
What's the best quality someone can have? Intellect
Do you think Dane Cook is funny? I don't know how to cook, so I don't eat very much. I don't find it humorous, however.
Do you know who Dane Cook is? Wait... so this is a person. I have been misled in the previous question. These questions should be reversed.
What are your pet peeves? Annoying healers who don't understand protocol. People not showing up to Order meetings. People being confusing with their lives.
Have you ever broken a bone? Yes
What's the best thing that's ever happened to you? Meeting Sky
Second best? Getting into the Order, where I met Sky.
What are you looking forward to the most? Figuring out a way to get this dipshit government sacked.
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