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Tales of the Castle
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This community serves as a..."shoebox" of sort (see below) for the characters of the continuing series of roleplay on a Harry Potter fan site called Mugglenet Interactive. In this community, the entries will be a collection of memoirs from the characters--in forms of journal excerpts, letters, bits of homework assignments, notes passed in class(es), pictures (moving or still), whatever, you know? Be creative and don't hesitate to abuse Photoshop/Paint. ;)

The concept is really not complicated. For example, let's say that randomroleplayer!Bob just finished a roleplay revolving around his character randomcharacter!Henry. Bob felt like posting something to keep track of this roleplay and went to this community. He started retelling what happens from HENRY's point-of-view (and he was being quite biased--but that's the point!). After finishing the entry, he decided he wanted to include a picture--just for fun's sake. So Bob opened up Photoshop 8 and did some pictures-manipulating. He ended up posting a picture of Brad Pitt (a.k.a. Henry), throwing a snowball at randomcharacter!Kenya underneath his journal entry. Voila! Done, and memoir added.

Important: These are really PRIVATE memoirs, so when commenting, please remember to be OUT-OF-CHARACTER! You are commenting as yourself/the roleplayer/whatever, and not as your character. Your character has no clue Bob is posting these things. For example, if Kenya's roleplayer commented, he/she cannot say something like, "You rat, so that was you who threw the snowball at me!" Nonononono. Kenya doesn't know that Henry threw the snowball, her roleplayer does. You see what I mean? So please, COMMENTS = OOC.

This is a community, so if you already have a journal here, just join and post whenever you feel comfortable. Please post anything too big (we're trusting you to be the ultimate judge of "too big") OR with an image behind an LJ-cut.

Disclaimer: Some entries may contain swearing, so join/read with caution. Nobody is responsible but yourself if you're offended by a swear word or something. You have been warned.

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The idea for this community originated from too much shoebox_project. :)

Thanks to arisubox for the header's texture.